ЛЕТО 2022

19.06.2022. - 19:47 

THURSDAY, 23 June 2022, 18:00:00 Central European Summer Time

LECTURER: Michael John Brennan
TITLE: An Introduction to Mechanical Impedance and Mobility
DETAILS: This lecture will cover the concepts of mechanical impedance and mobility, and their use in the study of vibrating systems. This concept is a physics-based approach and is used by many vibration engineers in the course of their work, particularly in the measurement or design of mechanical systems. Some basic theory will be provided, and some examples will be given to show the power of the approach and how it can used in practice.  
The lecture is a part of the course Environmental and Occupational Noise and Vibration, running at the master programme for Vibro-Acoustic Engineering at the University of Novi Sad, but all others interested in the subject are welcome.

ABOUT M.J. BRENNAN: Mike Brennan is a Senior Professor at UNESP in Brazil (retired position) and a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton, UK.  He graduated from the Open University, and received an MSc in Sound and Vibration Studies and a PhD in the active control of vibration, both from the University of Southampton. Mike has a wide-range of research interests, encompassing active and passive control of vibration, acoustics, vibro-acoustics and rotor dynamics. He is the author of numerous research papers in international journals, a co-editor of a book on the Duffing Equation, with Ivana Kovacic, and a co-author of a book on Virtual Experiments in Mechanical Vibrations, which will be published in September 2022.

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