27.10.2014. - 13:37 
The CEVAS integrates three research groups from the FTN:

• Group for Nonlinear Dynamics and Oscillations
(Chairperson – Professor Ivana Kovacic)

• Group for Acoustics and Speech Technology
(Chairperson – Professor Vlado Delic)

• Group for Biomedical Signal Processing
(Chairperson – Professor Dragana Bajic)

What is common for these three groups are oscillations - their generation, modelling, analysis, control and application.
A vision for the CEVAS is to engage these three groups strategically and create a homogeneous, synergistic integration as a basis for cooperative innovation in the study of different systems characterized by oscillatory signals and oscillatory phenomena: theoretical and practical vibro-acoustic problems of structural engineering, as well as living organisms - primarily humans. This human focused research has an emphasis on human-machine speech communication, and is accompanied with the modelling process of articulation and speech perception. The analysis and processing of oscillatory physiological signals in medical diagnostics and prognostics are also among the main interests.