Cooperation with industry

13.05.2013. - 14:43
The strategic directions of cooperation with industry are oriented to the following areas:
• defining the needs of the economy for professional profiles - directions of individual vocations that are taught at the Faculty;
• coordination and direction of scientific and research work of the Faculty in accordance with a long-term economy and development programmes;
• increase of efficiency of applied research of the Faculty in solving current problems of economy.

Faculty of Technical Sciences currently signed more than 320 contracts with various commercial organizations.

The Faculty offers its services in resolving the current problems of the economy in the following areas:
• development of new products and production programmes;
• development of new technologies;
• development of technological systems in the area of machining, assembly, material handling, control, etc.
• development of information - management systems;
• the design of complex high-rise buildings, civil engineering and hydro;
• saving energy, rational use and quality of electricity;
• revitalization of existing technologies and technological systems;
• environmental protection;
• analysis of safety;
• diagnostics, expertise and maintenance;
• urban design;
• projects of traffic and transport systems;
• projects of energy, electronics and telecommunications;
• projects of disaster risk management;
• geo-information technologies and systems;
• organizing seminars for permanent training of experts for the use of new techniques and technologies in the industry;
• expertise in intellectual property protection.

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