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FTS 57th International Fair of Technical Achievements

Faculty of Technical Sciences will present at the 57th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements to be held from 13 to 17 May 2013th at the Belgrade Fair.
The International Fair of Technical Achievements is the most important economic and technological event in Serbia and Southeast Europe, which has a profound influence on the future development of the industry in the country and  region....


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Summer School on Resource Recovery from Wastewater

Do you want to plunge yourself in a bath of lectures, case studies and panel discussions about the latest technologies for recovery of resources from wastewater? Do you want to discuss with a group of international experts about the latest technologies for water reuse, recovery of energy, nutrients and metals, and production of organic products from wastewater?...


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Summer School of Serbian Language

If you are an incoming student or professor and you want to learn Serbian at the University of Novi Sad, please contact the Center of Serbian as a Foreign Language located at the Faculty of Philosophy....