General information

Type of studies
Undergraduate Academic Studies

Academic degree
Bachelor with Honours in Civil Engineering (B.Civ.Eng.)

Educational field
Technical-Technological Science

Scientific, professional or art field
Civil Engineering

Duration (year/sem)
2 / 3

Total ECTS



Year: 3, Semester: Summer

Izborna pozicija - 12110.005
Izborna pozicija - 23210.006
Izborna pozicija - 33300.006
Izborna pozicija - 43110.005
Theory of Concrete Structures 22200.005
Fundamentals of Finite Element Method2000.003

Year: 4, Semester: Winter

Timber structures3200.006
Stability and Dynamics of Structures3110.005
Metal structures 22200.005
Izborna pozicija - a4300.007
Izborna pozicija - b4200.006

Year: 4, Semester: Summer

Testing of Structures2010.003
FEM modeling in Structural Analysis3020.004
Izborna pozicija - c3200.005
Izborna pozicija - d2200.003
Professional practice0006.006
Bachelor Thesis0000.005
Undergraduation thesis - elaboration and defence0003.005