Scientific and Research Work

16.05.2013. - 15:24
Scientific and Research Work

At the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management the scientific and research work take place in the following main areas:
• Research of technological production, organization and management of industrial structure system;
• Research in the field of mechatronics, robotics and automation;
• Research requirements of application of information and communication technology in work processes;
• Research in the area of quality, effectiveness and systemintegrated support and logistics;
• Research in the field of engineering management;
• Research in the field of identification technologies.

Scientific and research work are carried out through one year or long-term projects funded by the Republic Ministry of
Education, Science and Technological Development and the Provincial Secretariat of Science and Technology APV, as well as through numerous international projects. The following remarkable achievements should be pointed out: general model flow of materials in production systems, general model of information and management systems in enterprise, automated procedure of modelling production structures (APOPS-08), multifinger flexible robotic pincers, IML robot and DRINKOMAT (Machine for selling drinks). Since 2010 the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management publishes an international journal: «International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management (IJIEM) that is present in the SCOPUS database. Since 1975 every third year International Scientific Conference «Industrial Systems» is organized with main goal to exchange information on scientific research and knowledge in areas of interest. Its scientific international cooperation is accomplished through Tempus, WUS, CEEPUS and FP7 projects.

Department organization

Department for Industrial Engineering and Management is divided into four Chairs:

1. Chair of Production Systems, Organization and Management,
2. Chair of Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation,
3. Chair of Information and Communication Systems,
4. Chair of Quality, Effectiveness and Logistics.

The Chairs have at their disposal the following laboratory word:

• Laboratory for Production and Assembly Systems,
• Laboratory for Production Systems Management,
• Laboratory for Distance Learning,
• Laboratory for Media Systems,
• Laboratory for Catastrophe Risk Management
• Laboratory for Application of Programmable Logic Controllers and Movement Control
• Laboratory for Robotics,
• Laboratory for Mechatronics,
• Laboratory for Automation,
• Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence
• Laboratory for Computer Integrated Systems,
• Laboratory for the Implementation of Automated System,
• Laboratory for Identification Technologies,
• Laboratory for Information Management Systems
• Laboratory for Quality, Logistical Support and Maintenance.

This allows students to receive practical knowledge of high quality.

Economy Support Programme

In addition to its educational activ¬ity, potentials of the Department for Industrial Engineering and Man¬agement are used for domestic and international professional projects. Vocational and technical activities with companies and service organiza¬tions, the Department organizes in cooperation with research and development units: RTC - Research and Technology Centre and CAM Engineering. In addition, the Department performs these activities through its own centres: Centre for Human Resources Development, Youth Entrepreneurship Centre, Centre for Disaster Risk Management, Centre for Products Development and Management and Centre for Identification Technology. Vocational and technical activities include the development of new products, feasibility studies and consultancy services of the following types:

• Projects of enterprise production structure
• Projects of production programme development,
• Projects of technological structure of industrial systems,
• Projects of machinery and produc¬tion management,
• Projects of systems monitoring, data management and exploitation,
• Projects of material handling (stor¬age and transport systems),
• Projects of integrated system sup¬port structure,
• Projects of organizational structure
• Projects of management informa¬tion system
• Projects of capital appraisal,
• Projects of management system introduction:
- Quality (ISO 9000)
- Environmental (ISO 14000)
- Health and employees safety (BSI OHSAS 18000)
- IT Services (ISO 20000)
- Safety in food production (ISO 22000)
- Information security (ISO 27000)

Special part of its work programme represents knowledge innovation through seminars organized for the participants from different enter¬prises. Seminars are organized in all areas of the Department. In 1980 the Department, together with the company FESTO in Germany, established a joint laboratory of the Centre for didactics in the field of process automation. Under the influence of trends in business, the Centre for Competitiveness and Clusters Development was founded in 2007, and in 2009 CISCO Entrepreneur Institute, Training Centre Serbia with the support of CISCO Systems Company, to explore the conditions for the application of information technology and the Internet in their own business, small and large systems, based on the knowledge formed in a joint work with Stanford and Cornell Universities in the United States.