Asst. Prof. Robert Lakatoš

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Robert Lakatoš

Assistant Professor

Academic titleAssistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
PositionFromToOrganizational unit
Assistant with PhD01.10.2019.14.07.2022.Chair of Physics
Assistant - Master01.01.2014.Chair of Physics
Teaching Associate01.01.2013.01.12.2013.Department of Fundamentals Sciences
Function nameFromOrganizational unit
Secretary of Chair01.01.2020.Chair of Physics
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Criterium of productionDescription
() Researches published in the journals of the international importance***Gulan Lj., Forkapić S., Spasić D., Živković Radovanović J., Hansman J., Lakatoš R., Samardžić S.: Identification of high radon dwellings, risk of exposure, and geogenic potential in the mining area of the "TREPČA" complex- <u>Nije povezan časopis</u><font style="color:#cc0000;">**greska**</font>
() Research published in the top international journalSamardžić S., Milošević M., Todorović (Žikić) N., Lakatoš R.: Improved non-destructive method for 90Sr activity determination in aqueous solutions using Monte Carlo simulation, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2018, No. 137, pp. 199-204, ISSN 0969-8043
() Research published in the top international journalForkapić S., Lakatoš R., Čeliković I., Bikit K., Mrđa D., Radolić V., Samardžić S.: Proposal and optimization of method for direct determination of the thoron progeny concentrations and thoron equilibrium, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2019, Vol. 159, pp. 57-63, ISSN 0969-806X
() Research published in the international journalSamardžić S., Mihailović A., Adamović (Majkić) S., Adamović D., Banjanin B., Rajs V., Lakatoš R.: Noise and lighting as physical stressors in a printing laboratory - A case study, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 2023, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 595-606, ISSN 1582-9596
() Research published in the international journalKalkan K., Forkapić S., Marković S., Bikit K., Gavrilov M., Tošić R., Mrđa D., Lakatoš R.: The application of 137Cs and 210Pbex methods in soil erosion research of Titel loess plateau, Vojvodina, Northern Serbia , Open Geosciences, 2020, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 11-24, ISSN 2391-5447
() Research published in the international journalKozmidis-Luburić U., Samardžić S., Lakatoš R., Mihailović A., Zečević M.: An Overview of the Noise Levels Measured in Industrial Facilities in Serbia and Implemented Methods of Protection, Archives of Acoustics, 2020, Vol. 45, No. 3, pp. 499-510, ISSN 0137-5075
() Research published in the international journalLakatoš R., Forkapić S., Radolić V., Čeliković I., Samardžić S., Mrđa D., Bikit K.: Simultaneous measurements of radon, thoron and equilibrium equivalent concentrations in family house - single case study, Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection, 2019, ISSN 1451-3994
TitleScientific areaHigher education institutionElection date
Assistant ProfessorPhysicsUniversity of Novi Sad15.07.2022.
Asistent sa doktoratomPhysicsFaculty of Technical Sciences01.10.2019.
Assistant - MasterPhysicsFaculty of Technical Sciences01.01.2017.
Assistant - MasterPhysicsFaculty of Technical Sciences01.01.2014.
Teaching AssociatePhysics01.12.2013.