Subject: Professional Practice (17 - ASM8)

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Scientific or art field:Scenska arhitektura, tehnika i dizajn-scenski dizajn
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Course is active from 01.10.2013..

Acquiring direct practical knowledge and experience in the area of design, preparation, and realisation of performing spaces, performing structures and objects, as well as scene environment. Acquiring experiences on theatre and other cultural institutions functioning. Direct insight into preparation and realisation of complex performing events.
Upon the completion of the professional practice students are expected to have abilities and competences for immediate application of artistic, professional and theoretical knowledge to the work process in theatre, other institutions of culture, preparation and realisation of projects in the area of art and culture, as well as other forms of work in the area of scene architecture and design.
The content is formed individually for each student, depending on the type of institution or organization in which the professional practice was done, but always implies direct participation in production process of realization of a scene event
Consultation and keeping a diary of professional practice in which a student describes activities and work he has done during the professional practice.
Grupa autoraLiteratura se određuje u skladu sa programom stručne prakse.- -Serbian language
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Prezentacija i završna odbrana projektaNoYes50.00
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