Subject: Microprocessor based neurorehabilitation devices (17 - BMI122)

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Scientific or art field:Automatic Control and System Engineering
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Course is active from 08.10.2012..

Students learn about modern technologies and development trends in the field of neurorehabilitation.
Basic knowledge in the field of neurorehabilitation. Understanding the structure of neuro-musculo-sceletal system. Principles of movement control. Understanding neuroplasticity. The nervous system's ability to adapt its structure and reorganize itself to form new neural pathways. Principles of clasical and modern neurorehabilitation. Instrumentation for evaluation of movement, equipment for rehabilitation. Iinsight into clinical indicators of recovery, evidence for effectiveness of rehabilitation methods.
The structure of neuro-musculo-sceletal system and control of movement. Povrede i bolesti nervno-mišićno-skeletnog sistema. Plasticity in the human central nervous system. Principles of neurorehabilitation. Physiotherapy (conventional approach) ili Conventional physiotherapy. Walking and grasp trainning. Robotic rehabilitation. The application of virtual reality in rehabilitation. Functional electrical therapy. Tremor treatment and therapy. Amputation, phantom limb, phantom limb pain and therapy. Clinical scales for assesment of neurological disorders. Instrumentation for data acquisition and movement analysis. Clinical trials.
Lectures.Computer practice. Laboratory practice. Consultations.
Popović D, Sinkjær T.Control of movement for physically disabled2000Springer-Verlag, LondonEnglish
Thompson Sarcodie-GianNeurorehabilitation devices: engineering, design, measurement, and control2006Irwin/McGraw Hill,Palo AltoEnglish
David J. Magee et al.Scientific foundations and principles of practice in musculoskeletal rehabilitation2007Saunders Elsevier Inc., St. LouisEnglish
Prokin, M.Računarska elektronika2005Akademska misao, BeogradSerbian language
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Theoretical part of the examNoYes50.00
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Ilić Vojin
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Tomašević Olivera
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Maravić Nikolina
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