Subject: Professional practice 2 (17 - PMS531)

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Scientific or art field:Technological Processes, Techno-Economic Optimization and Virtual Design
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Course is active from 04.09.2017..

Acquiring direct knowledge about the functioning and organization of companies and institutions dealing with jobs that belong to the profession for which the student is being trained. Training students to work independently, deepen their professional and practical knowledge and skills and master the regulations, procedures and processes for performing activities in these institutions. The realization of professional practice should help students to understand all the specifics of the previously acquired knowledge and skills and to help them adapt to the working conditions and demands of their future jobs.
Training students to apply previously acquired theoretical, professional and practical knowledge and skills in solving specific practical engineering tasks within a selected company or public institution. Introducing students to the activities of the selected company or institution, a way of their business, management, and the place and role of engineers in their organizational structure. Also, this results in gaining deeper knowledge about norms, procedures and processes in planning, designing, executing, organizing and managing activities of a company or a public institution.
Professional practice is realized in manufacturing enterprises or public institutes that deal with the development, production and maintenance of products and systems or some other engineering activity from the sphere of professional area. Depending on the activity of the selected institution and the students expressed wishes for practical guidance, the practice is done through independent and team-based work of students on activities that are in line with the nature of the institutions activities. Content of the professional practice is formed specifically for each candidate in agreement with the management of the institution in which the practice is supposed to be carried out as well as the personal affinities of the student, according to the needs of the profession for which the student is being trained.
Professional practice is carried out through independent practical work of students on solving particular practical tasks. It is conducted under the mentorship of a particular faculty and mentor at the institution where the practice is conducted. During the realization of the professional practice, the student writes the diary and prepares the project report of professional practice in which he describes in detail all the activities and activities he performed during the duration of the practice.
-Odgovarajuća literatira za rešavanje konkretnih inženjerskih problema- Serbian/English language
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Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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