Subject: Doctoral Dissertation – Study and Research (06 - SID03)

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Scientific or art field:Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

The continuation of study and research from previous semester. The application of fundamental, theoretical and methodological, scientific and professional, and professional and applicative knowledge and methods in solving concrete problems within the selected field. In this segment of Doctoral dissertation, students investigate the problem, its structure and complexity and on the basis of the performed analyses draw conclusions on possible manner in its solving. Researching the literature, students are introduced to methods attended for creative solving of new tasks and the engineering practice in their solving. The objective of students` activity within this segment of research is to acquire necessary experience through solving complex problems and tasks and recognizing the possibility for applying previously acquired knowledge in practice.
Enabling students to individually apply previously acquired knowledge from diverse areas already studied in order to observe the structure of the set problem and its systematic analysis for drawing conclusions on possible directions in its solving. Through individual usage of literature, students broaden their knowledge from the selected field and they investigate diverse methods and papers related to the similar fields. Thus, students develop the competence to perform analyses and identify problems within the set theme. Practical application of the acquired knowledge from diverse areas develops in students the ability to overview the place and the role of engineers in the selected field, the demand for cooperation with other professions and the team work.
It is formulated individually in accordance with the elaboration of the concrete Doctoral dissertation, its complexity and structure. Students read scientific literature, Doctoral dissertations by other students dealing with similar theme; they perform analyses in order to find solutions for a concrete task defined by the task of the Doctoral dissertation.
The supervisor of the Doctoral dissertation sets the dissertation task and delivers it to the student. The student has the obligation to elaborate the dissertation within the set theme defined by the Doctoral dissertation task, utilizing the literature proposed by the supervisor. During the elaboration of the Doctoral dissertation, the supervisor can provide additional instructions to the student direct them to certain literature and additionally direct them towards the elaboration of a quality Doctoral dissertation. During the study research work, the student has tutorials with the supervisor, and if needed, with other lecturers dealing with the problems in the field of the set dissertation task. Within the set theme, the student can also perform certain measuring, research, calculations, surveys and other researches, statistic data processing, if it is predicted by the task of the Doctoral dissertation.
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Term paperYesYes50.00
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