Subject: Solid waste management (12 - MPK012)

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Course is active from 01.10.2012..

Acquiring insight into the processes of collection, transfer and transportation of municipal solid waste.Understanding the design and management of municipal solid waste landfill.Understanding the design and management systems for the utilization of secondary raw materials.Understanding the design and management of facilities that use waste as a raw material for energy production.
Understanding of scientific and engineering principles of solid waste management.
The course covers advanced engineering and scientific concepts and principles which are applied in process of solid waste management (MSW) with purpose of protecting human health and environment. Preservation of limited resources by using waste materials as secondary raw materials (reuse, recycling…). Topics covered also include regulation aspects and hierarchy of integrated waste management, characterization and properties of municipal solid waste; usage of sludge from municipal waste waters; hazardous waste in municipal solid waste; collection, transfer and transport of solid waste; separation, processing, burning, composting and recycling of waste materials; methods of solid waste disposal at landfills which includes guidelines for designing, building, management, choosing a location, supervising, corrective activities, as well as closure of landfills.Licencing and processes of public participation, current issues, innovative approaches.Curriculum of the • Preface • Legal and regulatory aspects • sources, types, composition and characteristics of solid waste • Hazardous waste in municipal solid waste • transformations of solid • recycling of materials from solid waste • Methods of solid waste disposal at landfills • Landfill management • Closure and management of landfill after the closure • processes of remediation during the closure, monitoring of inactive or abandoned locations for solid waste disposal • biological solid matter in municipal waste waters • Separation and processing of solid waste
Lectures. Auditory Practice. Consultations.
A. Mihajlov, G. Vujić, D. UbavinUpravljanje čvrstim otpadom2007Skripta interno izdanjeSerbian language
M. Ilić, S. MiletićOsnovi upravljanja čvrstim otpadom1998Institut za ispitivanje materijalaSerbian language
B. Jakšić, M. IlićUpravljanje opasnim otpadom2000Urbanistički zavod Republike SrbijeSerbian language
Grupa autoraNacionalna strategija upravljanja otpadom2003Ministarstvo za zaštitu životne sredineSerbian language
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Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
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Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
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Vujić Goran
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Sremački Maja
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Stanisavljević Nemanja
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