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Acquiring knowledge and training of students for further application and practical work in the field of Renewable Energy
The ability to use acquired knowledge in further education and future engineering practice in the field of Renewable Energy.
Energy and Renewable Energy (importance of energy, the division of renewable energy, clean technology). Biomass: characteristics and distribution of biomass technologies and systems for the utilization of biomass (combustion, gasification, pyrolysis), biofuels (biodiesel, biogas). Solar Energy: Resources, solar technologies (photovoltaic (PV) technology, solar thermal technology), solar systems (FN independent and cost-effective interactive systems, distribution systems and the central entrance). Wind energy: resources (wind characteristics), the use of wind energy, the selection of sites for wind generators, vertical and horizontal wind turbines, systems based on wind (individual and interactive), technical problems and solutions. Hydropower: resources, utilization of motive power of water, evaluation of available energy, impulse and reaction turbines, hydroelectric power plants as part of EES, small hydro Geothermal energy: types of geothermal resources, resources, technology and systems to exploit them (directly and indirectly by use). Energy storage: storage of primary energy (solid, liquid and gaseous fuels), thermal storage, mechanical, electrical and biological energy. Techno-economic analysis of the use of renewable energy sources with case studies.
Lectures, seminars and computer exercises, mentoring, consultation. Students work under the supervision of seminars for selected area / theme of defending against peers and the teacher. The choice of topics is consistent with the interest of students. The final test covers the entire material is exposed during lectures and eliminatory character. At the final evaluation score affects seminar paper, test result and the overall activity during classes.
D. Gvozenac, B. Nakomčić-Smaragdakis, B. Gvozdenac UroševićObnovljivi izvori energije2010Fakultet tehničkih naukaSerbian language
D. Gvozenac , B. Nakomčić-Smaragdakis, B. Gvozdenac UroševićObnovljivi izvori energije2011Fakultet tehničkih naukaSerbian language
D. Gvozenac , B. Nakomčić-Smaragdakis, B. Gvozdenac UroševićRenewable Energy2012Fakultet tehničkih naukaEnglish
J. Tester, E. Drake, M. Driscoll, M. GolaySustainble Energy2005The MIT Press, GBEnglish
B. Nakomčić-SmaragdakisAlternativna energetika2010Fakultet tehničkih naukaSerbian language
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Exercise attendanceYesNo5.00
Lecture attendanceYesNo5.00
Term paperYesNo20.00
Oral part of the examNoNo70.00
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Nakomčić-Smaragdakis Branka
Full Professor

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Čepić Zoran
Associate Professor

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