Subject: Doctoral Thesis – Writing Process (17 - ADEL)

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Scientific or art field:Architectural-Urbanistic Planning, Design and Theory
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Course is active from 28.11.2018..

Acquiring knowledge about structure and form of writing the dissertation report after analysis, and other activities carried out within the assigned theme of Doctoral dissertation. By writing the Doctoral dissertation, students gain experience in writing papers within which it is necessary to describe the problem, implement methods and procedures and obtained results, as well as to give new scientific contribution to the science development and to the application of the scientific research in practice.
Enabling students to systematically and comprehensively approach a defined problem or phenomenon, conduct analyzes, apply acquired knowledge and transfer knowledge from other disciplines in order to verify and elaborate hypotheses. Through individual research in a field of dissertation, students acquire the knowledge about the complexity of the research and theory in the field. Through elaboration of Doctoral dissertation, students gain certain experiences that can be applied in further scientific research and praxis, in the field.
It is created individually, in accordance with the needs and the field covered by a given Doctoral dissertation. In agreement with a mentor, a student makes the Doctoral dissertation in a written form, which complies with the rules provided by the Faculty of Technical Sciences.
During the elaboration of the Doctoral dissertation, the student consults with his/her mentor, and if necessary, with other teachers dealing within a sphere of the Doctoral dissertation.
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Writing the PhD thesisNoYes50.00
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