Subject: Smart distribution grids (17 - EE565)

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Scientific or art field:Electroenergetics
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Course is active from 19.02.2019..

Discussion on the transition from the traditional distribution grid toward the innovative smart grid, paying attention to the challenges in front of operator and distribution planners. Acquiring of knowledge of smart distribution grid concept, business processes and innovative technologies related to it, including distributed energy resources (DERs), demand side integration, microgrids and other. It describes various algorithm and tools for analysis and optimization for operating and development planning smart distribution grids.
Knowledge of smart distribution grid components. Knowledge of business processes in smart distribution grids. Knowledge of algorithms and tools used in operational planning and control and for development planning of smart distribution grids.
Smart grid definition, concept, component and role of smart grid. The evolution of electric distribution grid - transition from the traditional distribution grid toward the innovative smart grid. Business processes in smart distribution grids. Innovative technologies and standards enabling grid modernization. Smart grid architecture. Smart grid communication and measurement technologies. Smart metering and demand side integration. Impact of distributed energy resources on smart grid: opportunities and challenges. Distribution Management System (DMS). Algorithm, methodology and tools for smart grid monitoring, performance analysis, optimization, self-healing and planning. Security of the smart grid.
Lectures; Auditory Practice; Consultations.
J. MomohSmart grid: Fundamentals of design and analysis2011John Wiley & Sons, Inc.English
Popović, D., Bekut, D., Treskanica, V.Specijalizovani DMS algoritmi2011DMS Grupa, Novi SadSerbian language
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Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes70.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
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Vojnović Nikola
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Popović Dragan
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Krsman Vladan
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