Subject: Study Research Work on theoretical basis of the master thesis (17 - SIM01P)

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Scientific or art field:Postal Traffic and Communications
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

The application of basic theoretical, methodological, scientific, technical and professional knowledge and application of methods to solve specific problems within the selected area. In the second part of this master thesis, students study the problem, and the complexity of its structure and on the basis of the analysis draws conclusions on the possible ways of solving it. Studying literature students are introduced to the methods are designed for solving similar tasks and engineering practice in solving them. The aim of the activities of students in this part of the research is to acquire the necessary experience in solving complex problems and tasks and possibilities for the application of previously acquired knowledge in practice.
Training students to independently apply previously acquired knowledge in different fields that have been previously studied, in order to review the structure of the given problem and its system analysis in order to draw conclusions on possible directions for its resolution. Through the use of literature alone, students expand their knowledge of selected field and the study of various methods and papers relating to similar problems. In this way, the students develop the ability to conduct analysis and identify problems within the given topic. Practical application of acquired knowledge in different areas of stuedenata develop the ability to look at the place and role of engineers in the chosen field, the need to cooperate with other professions and teamwork.
Formed in accordance with the individual needs of the working out of a master thesis, its complexity and structure. Students study the literature, graduate and master thesis, projects that deal with similar topics, makes analyzes in order to find solutions specific task which is defined task of master thesis work. Part of teaching the course is conducted through independent study research. Studio work includes active monitoring of the primary themes of knowledge, organization and conduct experiments, numerical simulation and statistical analysis of data, writing and / or disclosure of the conference from the narrow field of science teaching which belongs to the master theme of work.
Mentor of master thesis of the task compiles and submits it to the student. The student is required to work within the framework of the development of a given topic, which is defined task of master thesis work, using literature from the proposed mentor. During the preparation of of master thesis, a mentor can give students additional guidance, refer to specific literature and further directed him to of master thesis the production of quality work. In the research study, the student consults with the supervisor, if necessary, with other teachers who are dealing with the topics of the field work. Within a given topic, the student, if necessary perform certain measurements, tests, counts, surveys and other research, statistical data, if provided task of master thesis work.
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Term paperYesYes50.00
Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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