Subject: Doctoral thesis - Theoretical foundations (17 - FDS303)

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CategoryAcademic-general educative
Scientific or art field:Grafičko inženjerstvo
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Course is active from 11.08.2017..

The application of fundamental, theoretical and methodological, scientific and professional, and professional and applicative knowledge, methods and contemporary knowledge from the magazines in the SCI list in order to solve concrete problems within the courses at Doctoral studies.
Training of students for achieving scientific abilities and academic skills, development of creative abilities and mastering specific practical skills from the topics of doctoral dissertation. The student is also able to independently solve theoretical and practical problems, understanding and using contemporary knowledge, the ability to monitor contemporary achievements, independent and creative action, linking knowledge from different fields and application, solving problems using scientific methods, performing numerical simulations and experimental research, transferring and discussing the results of the research, communication at the professional level in the writing of scientific and research results.
Search and analysis of scientific and research results. Writing a subject project from a doctoral dissertation topic. The student is obliged to write the subject project in which he will explain the topic of the doctoral dissertation. In the work the student should define and explain: the subject (problem) of the research, the need for research, the research goals, the way of solving problems, the scientific hypothesis, the plan and content of the work, the methods to be applied and other relevant data.
Menthor gives the task to the student. To perform the task, student writes the classification examination paper, who defends before the commission. The scientific area of the paper is defined by the menthor and is covered by the suggested literature. The research area should cover at least three corses from the PhD studies.
SviČasopisi sa SCI/SCIe/SSCI liste iz problematike studijskog programaSve SviSerbian language
SviZbornici radova naučnih skupova iz problematike studijskog programaSve SviSerbian language
SviDoktorske disertacije iz problematike studijskog programaSve SviSerbian language
SviUdžbenici i monografije iz problematike studijskog programaSve SviSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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