Subject: Professional masters thesis (17 - EMS203)

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Scientific or art field:Telecommunications and Signal Processing
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Course is active from 20.12.2018..

The goal of writing and defending the professional masters thesis is to demonstrate student’s independent and creative approach for solving practical problems based on acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and also acquiring necessary experience for solving practical problems following related methodology. The intention is that during the course of the work, students acquire knowledge to describe performed activities in a standardized form, and analyze and present the achieved results according to the established methodological procedure with the existing IT support.
Preparation and defense of the thesis, students who are completing their studies should be competent to solve real problems in the commercial or public sectors. Competencies include the development of critical thinking, the ability to analyze problems, synthesize solutions, predict the behavior of the chosen solution with a clear idea of what is good and what is the bad side of the chosen solution. In this way, students become qualified to apply knowledge in problem solving and knowledge transfer.
Final work is a project that solves concrete practical problems in the economic or public sector, which is accepted by the relevant economic organizations or public institutions in which it is implemented, with which the Faculty of Technical Sciences has contracted cooperation. Students, with the help of mentors of teachers and mentors in a business organization or public institution, independently produce the final work that should include solving a practical problem or task from the scope of work of a particular economic organization or public institution. The solution to the problem is presented in the form of final work.
Professional master work is done independently but under the mentor management by the teacher and mentor in the economic organization or the public institution in which it is implemented. The practical part of the work is carried out by the candidate in institutions, institutions or economic organizations dealing with a specific area, with which the Faculty of Technical Sciences has contracted cooperation. Master work is publicly defended in front of an expert commission composed of a representative of the economic organization or institution in which the work is carried out.
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Master thesis defenceNoYes50.00
Writing the master thesisYesYes50.00
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