General information

Type of studies
Master Academic Studies

Academic degree
Master in Energy Technologies (M.Ener.Tech.)

Educational field

Scientific, professional or art field
Energy Technologies: Technical-Technological Sciences

Duration (year/sem)
1 / 2

Total ECTS

 Management staff for the study programme
First name and Last name
Missing picture!Chief

Gvozdenac Urošević Branka
Full Professor

Historical data about the study programmes responsible staff not found!


Year: 1, Semester: Winter

Elective Course 133000.008
Elective Course 222000.006
Elective Course 321-20-100.006
Elective Course 432-30-100.007

Year: 1, Semester: Summer

Professional practice00003.003
Research on Theoretical Grounds - Master Thesis000200.0015
Elaboration and Defence of Diploma - Master Thesis000010.0015