Subject: Selected Chapters in Information and Communication Technology 2 (17 - EMS246)

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Scientific or art field:Telecommunications and Signal Processing
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Course is active from 02.12.2018..

Acquiring new knowledge about modern techniques, approaches and tools in the field of information and communication technologies. Further development of practical skills in the field of information and communication technologies. The additional objective of the course is to enable students to expand their skills in studying a particular field by using appropriate literature and developing a way of thinking in which deeper knowledge of theory is mapped to solving practical problems.
Knowledge of specific future information and communication systems whose importance will grow in the coming period (eg Internet of Things, 5G communication systems, Cloud, Edge Computing architecture, etc.). Ability to solve complex problems in this field. After completing the course, the student will be able to think critically, logically integrate theoretical and practical knowledge in the domain of ICT technologies, apply acquired knowledge and work in teams, demonstrate understanding and abilities and apply the acquired knowledge to the development of new solutions in the ICT domain.
The subject will cover parts of some current areas of information and communication technologies: - Application of current standards and technologies that are developing - Design of the modern ICT system - Internet and WAN network - Mobile networks, 5G systems and mobile service providers - Internet of Things technology - Software Defined Network SDN - ICT Software - Automotive communications - Security on the Internet - Intelligent automation - Cloud, Fog, Edge Computing - Smart Grid - etc.
Lectures, exercises, consultations, independent applied research work.
Razni autoriOdabrana stručna literatura dostupna elektronski2019IEEE, ITU, 3GPP, Internet, nadležna MinistarstvaSerbian/English language
Jill DycheThe new IT: How technology leaders are enabling business strategy in the digital age2015McGraw-HillEnglish
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Project taskYesYes50.00
Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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Brkljač Branko
Associate Professor

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Petković Milica
Assistant Professor

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Ninković Vukan
Assistant - Master

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