Subject: Introduction to Scientific Research Method (17 - DZ002)

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Scientific or art field:Arhitektonske tehnologije, projektovanje i instalacije
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Course is active from 01.10.2017..

Introduction to the application of basic theoretical, methodological, scientific, research, professional and applied knowledge towards the solution of concrete problems in the chosen research filed. By studying the literature a student acquires the latest knowledge in their research field, and becomes familiar with the methods which are applied for solving similar or related problems and the scientific approach suitable for solving these problems. In this way a student gains the necessary fundamental experience in solving scientific and research problems within the topic of the study programme.
Students are capable of gaining scientific abilities and academic skills, developing creative abilities and gaining specific practical knowledge in the topics within the study programme. Students are also capable of working independently towards solving theoretical and practical problems, understanding and utilization of contemporary knowledge, being informed about the latest developments, independent and creative work, connecting the knowledge from various fields as well as their application, solving problems by using scientific methods, doing numerical simulations and experimental research, presenting and discussing the research results, professional communication in presenting their research results in written or oral form.
Research and analysis of scientific results. Planning and conducting numerical simulations and experimental research. Acquisition, processing, presenting and discussions of research results. Writing, publishing and presenting research results related to the topics of the study programme.
Student chooses a research topic in coordination with the adviser. The adviser presents the student with the research plan concerning the chosen topic. The student has the obligation to conduct work within the framework of the chosen topic using the recommended literature. During this process the adviser may make suggestions, recommend literature, or guide the student. In order to conduct a successful research the student may consult with the adviser and other teachers who are involved with the research topic. Within the defined topic, the student conducts the analysis of the previous research, identifies their problems and shortcomings, defines the aim of his/her research, and conducts numerical simulations or experimental research. The results of the research are presented in the form of course project.
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