Subject: Protection and Rescue Plans (06 - ZP512)

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Scientific or art field:Upravljanje rizikom od katastrofalnih događaja i požara
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Course is active from 03.10.2011..

The course objective is to acquire necessary knowledge for protection and rescue of people under the circumstances of natural disasters, catastrophic events and fire.
After the passed examination students will be able to identify and classify risks for inhabitants, vulnerability of people, and to formulate, define and plan protective measures for people rescue under the conditions of natural disasters, catastrophic events and fire.
Organization and the methods of alarming the people in case of natural disaster and natural catastrophe (earthquakes, floods, landslides). Technical-technological accidents (dangerous substances, terrorism) and bigger fires (in the open, in the facilities, on reservoirs of flammable liquids, on transportation vehicles, in industrial plants). Phenomena, concept and organization of the rescue of people, material goods and cultural property. Protective and rescue measures. Preventive measures. Needs and possibilities of the protection of people, material goods and environment from the consequences of catastrophic events. Protective facilities. Methodology of planning the needs for shelters. Maintenance of shelters. The concept and objective of people evacuation, place of evacuation, time of evacuation, elements of evacuation. Planning and designing the plans of evacuation. Rescue from the rubble. Power, means and equipment for the protection from rubble. Planning and protection from earthquakes and landslides. Planning the flood defense and rescue. Protective and rescue measures from natural disasters: wind, snow, hail, ionizing radiation, and chemical contamination. Protective and rescue measures from fire in the open space-wood fire. Protective and rescue equipment.
The course is held via auditory lectures accompanied by slides and auditory practice which further encourage solving certain problems. Both lectures and practice are followed by a great number of examples from the practice. Besides, it is planned that representatives from institutions and firms also give a lecture, and that students visit institutions and firms typical for the field of interest in the lecturing units.
Lucien G. CantonEmergency Management: Concepts and Strategies for Effective Programs2006Wiley-Interscience, LondonEnglish
NASAR USAFundamentals of Search and Rescue2005Jones & Bartlett LearningEnglish
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes70.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
Term paperYesYes20.00
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Laban Mirjana
Full Professor

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Ćosić Đorđe
Full Professor

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Bondžić Jovana
Assistant - Master

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