Subject: Master Thessis (17 - E25ZR)

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Scientific or art field:Applied Computer Science and Informatics
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Course is active from 01.10.2004..

The objective of the preparation and defence of the master thesis is for the student to show independent and creative approach in the application of the practical and theoretical knowledge of the given field in practice in the field of computing and control engineering. Student will be able to follow the literature and do research work.
By completing and defending a master thesis the students who have graduated from this programme should be competent to solve real life practical problems as well as to continue education if they choose to do so. A student with a master`s degree acquires a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the disciplines in the chosen module as well as the ability to solve concrete problems using scientific methods and procedures. The students are able to suitably write and present the results of their work. The students completing this level of studies have the competence for studying and applying the new developments in the professional field as well as cooperation with local social and international environment.
Automatic control. Signals, systems and control. Applied control science. Informatics. Computer engineering. Computer communications.
Supervisor for the preparation and defence of the master thesis chooses one of the suggested modules (the same module as for the theoretical basis) in which a student will do a master thesis and defines a topic with the tasks to develop a master thesis. A candidate works independently in consultation with the supervisor on the problem given. After the completion of the paper and the supervisors approval the candidate defences the thesis before a committee of at least three members of which at least one must be from a different faculty.
grupa autoraOdgovarajući materijal neophodan za rešavanje konkretnih problema.nemaSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Master thesis defenceNoYes50.00
Writing the master thesisYesYes50.00
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