Subject: Study Research Work on Theoretical Basis of the Master`s Thesis (14 - IZMSIR)

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Scientific or art field:Information-Communication Systems
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Course is active from 01.01.2010..

Application of basic theoretical, methodological scientific and professional as well as professional and applied knowledge and methods for solving concrete problems within the chosen field. In this part of the master thesis a student studies a problem, its structure and complexity and, on the basis of the analysis, makes conclusions on the possible ways of solving it. By studying the relevant literature a student becomes familiar with the methods applied for solving similar tasks and the engineering practice for their solving. The aim of student activities at this point of research is in gaining the necessary experience through solving complex problems and tasks and understanding the possibilities for applying the previously acquired knowledge in practice.
The students are able to work independently applying the previously acquired knowledge from various areas in order to understand the structure of the problem faced and its systematic study so that conclusions can be made concerning the possible ways of solving it. Through independent use of the relevant literature the students extend the knowledge of the chosen field and study different methods and works related to the related topics. In that way the students develop the ability to do analysis and identify problems within the set problem. By practical application of the knowledge acquired in different areas the students develop the ability to understand the place and role of engineers in the chosen field and the need to cooperate with other professionals and work in team.
It is formed individually in relation to the needs of developing the particular master thesis, its complexity and structure. The student studies the relevant literature, bachelor and master theses dealing with similar topics, makes analysis to find the solution to the particular problem defined by the task posed in the master thesis. Part of the course is conducted through independent study and research work. The study work also encompasses active work on primary sources related to the thesis topic, organization and conducting the experiments, numerical simulations and statistical data analysis, wiring and/or presenting a paper at a conference on the narrow scientific filed to which the master thesis relates to.
The thesis supervisor formulates the task and presents it to the student. The student has the obligation to fulfil the task within the topic defined by the master thesis task, using the literature suggested by the supervisor. In the course of developing the thesis the supervisor can give additional instructions to the students, suggest the particular pieces of literature and provide additional guidance to assist the student produce a high quality master thesis. As a part of the study and research work a student has consultations with the supervisor and if necessary with other teachers dealing with the topic of the thesis. Within the chosen filed a student also does certain measurements, testing, counting, surveys and forms of research, statistical data analysis of data as required by the thesis task.
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Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Master thesis defenceNoYes50.00
Writing the master thesisNoYes50.00
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