CEEPUS is an acronym for "Central European Exchange Program for University Studies". CEEPUS is based on lean management. The highest ranking decision making CEEPUS body is the Joint Committee of Ministers that meets once a year and takes all strategic decisions. Coordination, evaluation, program development and advertising are the main tasks of the Central CEEPUS Office (consisting of only two persons). Each country has a National CEEPUS Office in charge of national implementation. In order to avoid setting up new administrative bodies, the National CEEPUS Offices are integrated into already existing structures, usually national agencies.

The main activity of CEEPUS are university networks operating joint programs ideally leading to Joint Degrees, esp. Joint Doctoral Programs. CEEPUS covers mobility grants for students and teachers in this framework.

The main objectives are:
* Focus on joint PhD programs.
* Promote cooperation in the framework of the EUSDR.

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1. Image Processing, Information Engineering & Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange24.05.2017.20170524
2. Applications and diagnostics of electric plasmas24.05.2017.20170524
3. Modern Trends in Education and Research on Mechanical Systems - Bridging Reliability, Quality and Tribology24.05.2017.20170524
4. Computer Aided Design of automated systems for assembling24.05.2017.20170524
5. Knowledge Bridge for Students and Teachers in Manufacturing Technologies24.05.2017.20170524
6. Concurrent Product and Technology Development - Teaching, Research and Implementation of Joint Programs Oriented in Production and Industrial Engineering24.05.2017.20170524
7. Research on modern systems for manufacture and measurement of components of machine and devices24.05.2017.20170524
8. Development of Mechanical Engineering24.05.2017.20170524
9. Engineering as Communication Language in Europe24.05.2017.20170524
10. Teaching and research in advanced manufacturing24.05.2017.20170524
11. Design, implementation and use of joint programs regarding quality in Manufacturing Engineering24.05.2017.20170524
12. Implementation and utilization of e-learning systems in study area of Production Engineering in Central European region22.05.2017.20170522
13. Intelligent Automation for Competitive Advantage24.05.2017.20170524
14. Technical Characteristics Researching of Modern Products in Machine Industry (Machine Design, Fluid Technics and Calculations) with the Purpose of Improvement Their Market Characteristics and Better Placement on the Market24.05.2017.20170524
15. Research and Education in the Field of Graphic Engineering and Design24.05.2017.20170524
16. Fostering sustainable partnership between academia and industry in improving applicability of logistics thinking (FINALIST)24.05.2017.20170524
17. Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFD24.05.2017.20170524
18. Architecture Landscape Interiors Culture Emotions24.05.2017.20170524
19. From preparation to Development, implementation and utilisation of Joint Programs in study area of Production Engineering24.05.2017.20170524
20. Applied Economics and Management24.05.2017.20170524
21. Advances in Machining24.05.2017.20170524
22. Renewable energy sources24.05.2017.20170524
23. The Urban Innovations Network24.05.2017.20170524