Subject: Biomedical engineering in sports physiology (17 - BMI112)

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Scientific or art field:Fiziologija
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Course is active from 08.10.2012..

Students learns about theoretical and practical bases in the field of sport physiology and about significance of biomedical engineering in the sport physiology.
Knowledge about basic biomedical engineering principles in sport. Biomedical instrumentation and methods for evaluation of movement during training. Application of ECG instumentation and pulse oximetry instrumentation during exercise. Insight into clinical indicators of recovery, evidence for effectiveness of rehabilitation methods in the case of sport injuries The acquired knowledge can be used in solving practical engineering problems in the field of sport physiology.
Force, energy, work, power. Basal metabolism. Significance of physical activity and exercise on musculo-sceletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, hormonal, immune, hematologic, neurosensory and gastrointestinal systems. Energy sources for muscle contraction. Aerobic and anaerobic energy sources for muscle contraction. Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. Muscles – force generation and movement. Aspects of mathematical muscle modelling. Muscle fatigue, changes in metabolic parameters. Metabolic adaptations to training. Developing a training plan, exercises analysis and design. Evaluation of movement during exercise based on kinematic and kinetic parameters and electromyographic activity - instrumentation and methods. Movement analysis sensors - goniometers i inertial sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes). Analysis of ECG, HRV and pulse oximetry signals acquired during physical activity.
Lectures. Computer practice. Laboratory practice. Consultations.
Perry, J., Burnfield, J.Gait Analysis : Normal and Pathological Function2010SLACK Incorporated, ThorofareEnglish
Brodić, T.Analogna integralna elektronika1986Svjetlost, SarajevoSerbian language
Lažetic, B.Fiziologija : sistemski prilaz homeokinezi2009Medicinski fakultet, Novi SadSerbian language
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Theoretical part of the examNoYes50.00
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Ilić Vojin
Associate Professor

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Popadić-Gaćeša Jelena
Full Professor

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Tomašević Olivera
Assistant - Master

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Slavić Danijel

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