Subject: Sustainable Production (17 - I911)

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Scientific or art field:Mehatronika, robotika i automatizacija i integrisani sistemi
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Course is active from 25.10.2012..

The objective of the course is to master the knowledge necessary for establishing energy and material-efficient production, as well as for adapting such production to product changes throughout the life cycle in the function of changing market demands and demands that the environment is setting up during exploitation. The objective of the course is that the master of industrial engineering acquires competence in order to be able to independently carry out an engineering analysis of the sustainability of production systems and to suggest improvements to the system in order to increase sustainability.
Students who attend the course and pass the exam are able to notice the components of the sustainability of the production systems, understand the relationships between them, analyze the basic functions of enterprise sustainability as a complex dynamic system. Master in Industrial Engineering acquires competencies for analyzing the sustainability of different production systems and the synthesis of solutions that increase the sustainability of the company.
Introduction to sustainable production and historical development of the concept. The principles of sustainable production, voluntary adoption motivators and business issues of production sustainability. Life cycle assessment of products and production processes - LCA. Cleaner production and cleaner technology. Energy conservation and energy efficiency. Efficient use of material resources. Sustainable energy production. Sustainable production and consumption of food. Sustainable forest management and sustainable production of wood products.
Teaching is done through lectures and laboratory exercises. All exercises take place in a laboratory with appropriate equipment. Student examination is carried out through tests. Independent preparation and defense of the project task is a key part of the verification capabilities of solving engineering tasks.
Dragan Šešlija, Ivana MilenkovićOdrživa proizvodnja - skripte2018FTN Novi SadSerbian language
DesJardin, J. R.Business, Ethics and the Environment: Imagining a Sustainable Future2007Pearson Educational, New JerseyEnglish
Lebel, L., Lorek, S., Rajesh, D.Sustainable Production Consumption Systems: Knowledge, Engagement and Practice2006Springer, DordrechtEnglish
Jankes, G. i dr.Priručnik za poboljšanje energetske efikasnosti i racionalnu upotrebu energije u industriji2009Inovacioni centar Mašinskog fakulteta u BeograduSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Coloquium examNoNo20.00
Coloquium examNoNo20.00
Laboratory exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
Theoretical part of the examNoYes70.00
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Milenković Ivana
Associate Professor

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Milenković Ivana
Associate Professor

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