General information

Type of studies
Master Academic Studies

Academic degree
Master in Computer Graphic Engineering (M.Comp.Graph.Eng.)

Educational field

Scientific, professional or art field
Computer Graphics; Technical Sciences; Mathematical Sciences;

Duration (year/sem)
1 / 2

Total ECTS

 Management staff for the study programme
First name and Last name
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Obradović Ratko
Full Professor

Historical data about the study programmes responsible staff not found!


Year: 1, Semester: Winter

Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization20200.004
Advanced simulations in animation20200.005
Augmented and virtual reality20200.005
Izborna pozicija 12-30-20-300.004
Izborna pozicija 22-30-11-300.005
Professional Practice00006.004

Year: 1, Semester: Summer

Computer Geometry20200.004
Game Development Process30300.006
Study Research on Theoretical Background of the Master Thesis00070.0010
Izborna pozicija 320-20-200.004
Writing and Defence of the Master Thesis00005.009