LETO 2017

26.06.2017. - 08:41 

Ponedeljak, 3.07.2017. od 11h, Svečana sala FTN-a

Aneta Stefanovska
Profesor Biomedicinske fizike
Rukovodilac grupe za Nelinearnu i biomedicinsku fiziku
Univerzitet u Lankasteru, Velika Britanija

The dynamical systems found in Nature are rarely isolated. Instead they interact and influence each other. The coupling functions that connect them contain detailed information about the functional mechanisms underlying the interactions and prescribe the physical rule specifying how an interaction occurs. We will focus on oscillatory interacting dynamical systems where the frequency of the oscillations can be time-varying. Methods for detection and reconstruction  of coupling functions from measured data will be discussed and their use illustrated through examples taken from neuroscience and cardiovascular dynamics.

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