Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development contracts and financially supports projects of scientific and technological cooperation between domestic and foreign scientific and research organizations (NIO) on the basis of international bilateral agreements.

In cases where the NIO in such a way provide additional financial and material resources from abroad, the Ministry will proportionately in accordance with the budgetary possibilities, to provide our NIO additional incentives.

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1. Implementation of Internet of Things on Tracebility Systems in Supply Chain of Food Production Industry24.05.2017.20170524
2. Application of multi-sensor technology for obtaining integrated information system of traceability quality fresh food products in the cold chain24.05.2017.20170524
3. Application of IoT technologies in order to increase the quality of identification and tracking of animals24.05.2017.20170524
4. Strengthening competitiveness in the stimulation of development of organic agriculture - a comparative study between Montenegro and Serbia24.05.2017.20170524
5. Information system to support collaborative courier services in urban areas24.05.2017.20170524
6. Development and optimization of infrastructure for recharging electric and hybrid vehicles in urban and tourist areas in Serbia and Montenegro24.05.2017.20170524
7. Fiber-optic sensor system for unauthorized localization downturn24.05.2017.20170524
8. Thermoelectric materials based on the multi-layered structures23.05.2017.20170523
9. Security in Multiagent systems24.05.2017.20170524
10. Mechanisms binding aggregate made of ash, geopolymer and cement binders24.05.2017.20170524
11. Two-handed management of the physical interaction between humans and robots for use in rehabilitation and industry24.05.2017.20170524
12. Evaluation of uncertainty of measurement for coordinate measuring machines, and interlaboratory comparison24.05.2017.20170524
13. Development and evaluation of management scenario for bio waste in Serbia taking energy utilization and sustainable phosphorous management into account24.05.2017.20170524
14. Development of a model for assessing the energy efficiency of buildings in terms of sealing24.05.2017.20170524
15. Implementation of the Artificial intelligence into Optimisation of the Selected Advanced Removal Processes24.05.2017.20170524