Subject: Ecological materials (17 - Z423B)

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Scientific or art field:Environment Protection Engineering
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Course is active from 10.10.2011..

Introducing students with the possibilities of using natural materials in traditional and modern building structures, using recycled materials, and materials obtained using secondary raw materials. Knowledge of techniques for the secondary raw materials preparation and for the obtaining ecological materials. Acquiring knowledge that enables the assessment of the environmental impacts by using such materials, environmental advantages, energy efficiency, assessment of their recycling possibilities at the end of the life cycle and the life cycle assessment.
Acquired new knowledge about methods for obtaining environmentally friendly materials, whose use and obtaining processes significantly reduce the negative impacts on the environment.
Classic natural materials in the construction industry: stone, bare ground, stabilized not fired soil, wood, straw. Waste materials as a source of secondary raw materials for the new materials production. Application of recyclables from waste materials as secondary raw materials for the new materials production. Application of waste glass for clay bricks production. Application of industrial and construction waste as a secondary raw material for road construction. Application of ash from industrial and power plants as secondary raw materials for concrete production. Application of waste tire as a secondary raw material for the new materials production. New technologies in the natural materials application. Economics and energy advantages of the use of natural materials and materials with secondary raw materials. Analysis of the long-term effects of the presence of substances as secondary raw materials in the materials flows on the environment.
Lectures. Auditory exercises. Consultation.
Krnjetin, S.Graditeljstvo i zaštita životne sredine2004Prometej, Novi SadSerbian language
Gernot MinkeBuilding with earth2006Birkhauser, Basel-Berlin-BostonEnglish
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Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
Theoretical part of the examNoYes70.00
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Štrbac Dragana
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Mirosavljević Zorica
Assistant with PhD

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Novaković Mladenka
Assistant with PhD

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