Subject: English in engineering (17 - EJEI)

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CategoryAcademic-general educative
Scientific or art field:Anglistika i jezik struke
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Department of Fundamentals Sciences
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Introduction to the English for special purposes in engineering. Developing strategies for understanding foreign language texts. Developing the ability to read and comprehend original English texts related to various aspects of engineering. Developing the skills of oral and written communication related to these topics using adequate vocabulary and complex sentence structure.
Students acquire terminology related to science, engineering and their field of studying. They can understand the literature in their field and communicate in English on topic related to their field of expertise using sentence structure characteristics for their future profession.
Reading texts in English related to various aspects in the field of engineering. Development of strategies for understanding scientific texts such as: skimming, scanning, using context. Acquiring most frequent terms related to engineering. Adopting language functions such as: comparison, classification, description purpose, component parts, cause and effect relations, etc. Most frequent prefixes, suffixes, compounds and collocations. Passive constructions, participles. Reduced relative clauses (active and passive), reduced time clauses (active and passive). Use of linking expressions and complex sentence structures.
The main focus is on students' activity during classes, their interaction with each other and teacher. Communicative method of language teaching is used. Exercises are prepared so that they facilitate the understanding of the text and practice the vocabulary and other characteristics of the language related to the profession. Some of the exercises are prepared so that they inspire students to practice their language skills by using their wider knowledge of the subject matter.
Glendinning, E., Glendinning, N.Oxford English for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering2001Oxford University Press, OxfordEnglish
Glendinning, E.H., McEwan, J.Oxford English for Information Technology2006Oxford University Press, OxfordEnglish
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Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes40.00
Oral part of the examNoYes30.00
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Šafranj Jelisaveta
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