Initiative on small biogas facilities for manure to attain GHG mitigation in agriculture

13.01.2021. - 14:08 
Even in DE with about 10,000 biogas facilities (incl. small as well), only about 25% of total livestock manure is used for biogas production, whereby small farms make a significant source of CH4 emissions. In contrary, in RS small biogas facilities do not exist so far. Biogas initiative project have the following goals to: raise awareness and educate stakeholders; transfer relevant knowledge from DE to RS; develop implementation strategy and initiate it between stakeholders. Planned measures to attain project goals are to: create and dissemination information material; investigate manure potential from small farms and related potential GHG mitigation; investigate sustainability prerequisites; define framework for sustainable implementation.The project aims to achieve the developed framework for successful implementation of small biogas facilities based on manure from small & medium livestock farms, in order to contribute to attain GHG mitigation in agriculture. Several stakeholders’ groups could benefit from the project: state institutions, professional associations, technology implementers and general public. Personnel in relevant ministries will be trained to define/adapt/adopt policy. Professional associations will be trained for dialogue with institutions to give appropriate feedback. Potential technology implementers will be trained for successful implementation from technical point of view. General public will be made aware on project topic to secure public acceptance.

The project is funded by European Climate Initiative (EUKI), established by The German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).
Sector: Agriculture, soils and forestry
Overall budget: 101,477.42€
FTSbudget: 89,934.42€

Contact person: Dr. Djordje Djatkov, Associate Professor (
Period of realization:01.09.2020 – do 31.08.2022
Partner institution: Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Animal Husbandry, Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (LfL), Freising, Germany
Title: Initiative on small biogas facilities for manure to attain GHG mitigation in agriculture
Acronym: Biogas initiative
ID: 20_073_Biogas initiative