Subject: Industrial Robotics (06 - H308)

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Scientific or art field:Robotika
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Objective is for students to master fundamentals of industrial robotics.
The outcome is knowledge of fundamentals of industrial robotics.
Definitions, homogenous transformations, robot kinematics (direct and inverse problem), Denavit-Hartenber notation, Jacobian, synthesis of trajectories, robot dynamics, robot control, robot programming, sensors in robotics and their application, application of robots in industrial tasks.
Classes are realized through lectures and practical classes. During practical classes, students are required to pass one partial examination and to carry out tree computer practices. Partial examination includes: homogenous transformation, direct and inverse kinematic problem, direct and inverse dynamic problem, trajectories planning, controlling of industrial robots. Computer practical classes are realized in MATLAB. The first practice includes homogenous transformations, the second DH notation, the third trajectory calculation (inner coordination). Each practice is presented and defended. In order to be entitled to take the final examination student needs to pass partial examination and successfully defend practice. The final examination is based on test and theoretical questions.
M. VukobratovićUvod u robotiku1986Institut Mihajlo PupinSerbian language
M. Vukobratović, D. StokićPrimenjeno upravljanje manipulacionim robotima1990Tehnička knjiga, beograd, II dopunjeno izdanjeSerbian language
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B. Borovac, G. Đorđević, M. Rašić, M. RakovićIndustrijska robotika2007Fakultet tehničkih nauka (u pripremi)English
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Laboratory exercise defenceYesYes30.00
Theoretical part of the examNoYes40.00
Practical part of the exam - tasksNoYes30.00
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Borovac Branislav
Full Professor

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Kozak Dražan
Guest Professor

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Nikolić Milutin
Associate Professor

Laboratory classes
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Baranovski Igor
Assistant - Master

Laboratory classes
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Savić Srđan
Assistant Professor

Laboratory classes