Subject: Study Research Work on theoretical basis of the master thesis (17 - GG17SI)

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Scientific or art field:Tehnologija i organizacija građenja i menadžment
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

The master engineer should improve his / her previously acquired knowledge with knowledge and skills that will enable him to solve the most complex problems. In addition to the knowledge and skills acquired in master studies, students are also trained in research work. They acquire the necessary knowledge from the specific scientific field, methods of scientific research and skills (oral presentations, communication in the group, etc.). Due to the creative approach in the interpretation of others knowledge and experience, scientific contributions can be made. In this way, they gain a better performance in the labor market, and acquired competences enable them to work in enterprises that are engaged in the design and execution of complex construction objects, but also in research and development centers and institutes. In this phase student defines the theme, the goal, the methods of research, the literature they will use.
It is formed individually in accordance with the needs of the concrete master thesis work, its complexity and structure. The student analyzes professional literature, graduate and master theses of students dealing with similar topics, performs analyzes in order to find a solution of a specific task defined by the master thesis assignment. Part of the course is taught through independent study research. Study work also includes active monitoring of primary knowledge from the thesis topic, organization and performance of experiments, numerical simulations and statistical data processing, writing and or publishing of paper at the conference from the specific scientific-educational area where master thesis belongs.
The Mentor for the master thesis prepares the task and delivers it to the student. The student is obliged to work within a given topic defined by master thesis assignment, using the literature proposed by the mentor. During the work on master thesis, the mentor can give additional instructions to the student, refer him to specific literature, and further direct him in order to create a quality master thesis. Within the framework of the study research work, the student conducts consultations with the mentor, and if necessary with other teachers dealing with issues related to the topic of work itself. Within the given topic, the student also performs certain measurements, tests, counts, surveys and other research, statistical processing of data, if it is foreseen by the master thesis assignment.
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Term paperYesYes50.00
Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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