Teaching Associate Darko Sekulić

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Darko Sekulić

Teaching Associate

Academic titleTeaching Associate

Darko Sekulić (Novi Sad, 1997) is a Graduate Engineer in Scene Architecture, Technique and Design. He completed his undergraduate studies in Scene Architecture, Technique and Design in 2021 with the graduate thesis work Conceptual Design for the Centre for Urban Development and Psychogeography. He is currently enrolled in Master Academic studies in Scene Architecture and Technique at the Faculty of Technical Scienes, University of Novi Sad. During His undergraduate studies, he was a memeber of the technical team responsible for the realization of extracurricular programmes in the Borislav Gvoji' Scene Laboratory and other events organized by the Section of Arts and Design, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Faculty of Tehnical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. He was also a member of the team that realized the SCENlab_Dancefloor event in February 2020. In the same period, he was engaged as a demonstrator at the undergraduate study courses Scene Architecture 1 and 2. At the end of 2020 and the beggining of 2021, he was a participant in two international architectural competitions, as well as a participant in the 4rd Salon of Architecture in Belgrade.

Teaching Associate
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Teaching AssociateScenska arhitektura, tehnika i dizajn-scenska arhitektura i tehnikaFaculty of Technical Sciences20.02.2023.