Assistant - Master Ivan Lazić

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Ivan Lazić

Assistant - Master

Academic titleAssistant - Master

Ivan Lazić is a PhD student currently employed as a teaching assistant at the Department of Power, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. His current research activities are oriented towards machine learning and signal processing with a focus on medical signals and images. Aside from this, Ivan is a participant in a few international projects and actions.

Assistant - Master
PositionFromToOrganizational unit
Intern Researcher01.01.2018.Department of Power, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
Criterium of productionDescription
() Research published in the prominent international journalLazić I., Pernice R., Lončar-Turukalo T., Mijatović G., Faes L.: Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Interactions during Apneic Events in Sleep via Fuzzy Kernel Measures of Information Dynamics, Entropy, 2021, Vol. 23, No. 6, ISSN 1099-4300
() Report from the international meeting printed in its entiretyBožičković J., Lazić I., Lončar-Turukalo T.: Pneumonia Detection and Classification from X-ray Images – a Deep Learning Approach, 7. International Conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering IcETRAN, Beograd: Društvo za ETRAN, Akademska misao, 28-30 Septembar, 2020, pp. 24-27, ISBN 978-86-7466-852-8
() Report from the international meeting printed in its entiretyLazić I., Lončar-Turukalo T., Luca F.: Information-Theoretic Analysis of Cardiorespiratory Interactions During Apneic Events in Sleep, 11. ESGCO (European Study Group for Cardiovascular Oscilllations), Pisa, 15 July, 2020, pp. 1-2, ISBN 978-1-7281-5751-1
() Report from the international meeting printed in its entiretyLazić I., Jakovljević N., Despotović D., Lončar-Turukalo T.: Automatic Detection of Respiratory Effort Related Arousals from Polysomnographic Recordings, 45. Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), Maastricht, 23-26 September, 2018, pp. 1-4
TitleScientific areaHigher education institutionElection date
Assistant - MasterTelecommunications and Signal ProcessingFaculty of Technical Sciences01.10.2020.
Professional Studies ProfessorTelecommunications and Signal Processing01.01.2018.