Subject: Master Thesis – Elaboration and Defence (06 - GI5ZR)

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Scientific or art field:Geomatika
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Obtaining knowledge on the manner, structure and form of writing a report after the performed analyses and other activities within the set topic of the Master thesis. On elaborating the Master thesis, students obtain the experience for writing papers in which it is necessary to describe problems, used methods and procedures, and obtained results. Furthermore, the objective of the elaboration and defence of the Master thesis is to develop the ability of the students to prepare the results of their individual work in the form appropriate for public presentation, as well as to answer any suggestions or questions related to the set topic.
Enabling students for systematic approach in solving set problems, performing analyses, applying the acquired knowledge and accepting knowledge from other fields in order to find a solution to the given problem. By individually researching and solving tasks in the field of the set topic, students obtain knowledge on the complexity and wideness of the problems in the field of their profession. By elaborating a Master thesis students acquire certain experience that can be applied in practice while solving problems in the field of their profession. By preparing results for a public defence, by the public defence and answering the questions and suggestions by the committee, students obtain necessary experience on the manner to present the results of an individual or collective work in practice.
It is formed individually in accordance with the demands and fields enclosed in the set topic of the Master thesis. A student in an agreement with the supervisor elaborates the Master thesis in the written form in accordance with the set procedure at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. A student prepares and defends the Master thesis publicly in agreement with the supervisor and in accordance to the set regulations and procedures.
During the elaboration of the Master thesis, a student consults the supervisor, and if needed, other professors dealing with the field that is a topic of the Master thesis. A student completes the Master thesis and on receiving the agreement from the committee for evaluation and defence, delivers bounded copies to the committee. The defence of the Master thesis is public, and a student is obliged to orally answer any questions or suggestions after the presentation.
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